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Yoga Guides to Jumpstart your Mission for Inner Peace

Welcome to My Yoga Center!

yoga-centerAt My Yoga Center, we feel that Yoga is suitable for everyone, of any age or physical condition. Because of the nonstrenuous nature of the approach to Yoga as exercise, even people with physical issues can find it beneficial to practice yoga. There is a vast multitude of different schools of Yoga. Here is an abridged list of the most well-known schools of Yoga thought:

Hatha Yoga: It is physical movements and postures combined with breathing techniques. This style is the most popular method of practicing yoga in the West.

Raja Yoga: This school incorporates exercise and breathing practice with meditation, thought to produce a well-rounded individual.

Jnana Yoga: Also known as the path of wisdom and is considered to be the most difficult method.

Bhakti Yoga: The practice of concentration upon the concept of God.

Karma Yoga: All the movements is done with the mind centered on one’s personal concept of God.

Tantra Yoga: A way of showing the unseen consciousness in form through specific diagrams, and movements.

Kashmir Shaivism: It is based in emotion rather than intellect. The practice of this yoga philosophy states that everything in the universe has both male and female qualities.


Yoga is not a religion. It has no fixed set of beliefs. At the heart of yoga’s philosophy is that everything comes from within the SELF. Yoga is a system of techniques that can be used for: managing stress, learning to relax and increasing limberness all the way to becoming more self-aware and acquiring the deepest knowledge of one’s own self. Regular daily practice of all parts of Yoga produces a clear, bright mind and a strong, capable body.  Constant self-improvement is key to health full of vitality.

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